Brain: Broadcasting and Receiving Station… 13

The Brain

Chapter 13

Brain: Broadcasting and Receiving Station... 13 As electrician but not a Green Personality guy, I love topics about Our Brain and related ones.
Master Hill states that the human brain is both broadcasting and receiving station for some frequency of thought. Every human brain, the work station, is capable of tuning frequencies of thought which are being released by other brains, through the medium of the ether, in a manner similar to that employed by the radio or television broadcasting principle.

I would like to bring back one of the comparative model between brain and radio principle. We know a radio or television station has minimum a “receiving set” and a “broadcasting set.” This parallelism is,

  • Our brain’s “receiving set” is the “Creative Imagination” (Conscious Mind). Lesson 6
  • Our brain’s “sending set” is the “Subconscious Mind.” Lesson 12
  • The “power supply” is our burning Desire. Lesson 2
  • The “On-Off switch” is our Autosuggestion (self-talk, incantation.) Lesson 4
  • The “volume knob” is our Master Mind Group and Feelings. Lesson 10
  • The “tuning knob” is 30 Day Mental Cleanse spectrum (Forum – Think and Grow Rich-Success in Ten Steps)
  • Our “antenna” is Sex transmutation-Sex transformation-Sex Brain. Lesson 11

Now, what is the main input for our Brain, our mental broadcasting machinery? The name of this intangible input force (the greatest of all the intangibles) is Thought. And this scalar energy has a frequency and we can measure it. We must be aware of the power we have through our thoughts. We are now sending empowering, magnetic thoughts to the Universe. Everything sent out returns to the source as an echo – We<>You.

We get to empower our Brain and Mind, both of them receiving and transmitting Thoughts. Our thoughts are both the words we hear in our head and the words we speak out loud. Also, our thoughts become our actions. We cannot take any action WE LOVE TO DO or MAKE, and WE WANT without thinking the thoughts first. Do we love negative thoughts? I don’t think so, and the only way to be master of our thoughts is to think most of the time in positive manner, with Love and positive emotions in front of people, circumstances and events.

My Story:
I am learning and improving, step by step, my Blue and Red Colour of Personality, being a Chameleon as well, and applying Dale Carnegie’s principles during my total human relationship. I get present by heart the Success in 10 Steps’ principle that our Business is People.

Few moths ago I met a lady-prospect. At every of our conversations we feel we are in the “same frequency”, sharing experiences of life, business, and daily routine topics. Few days ago I knew she is going to have a very delicate surgery. Now, she is pretty calm and confident about her surgery. I am a spiritual guy and I will pray for her. Broadcasting principle? Yes, for sure.

Think and Grow Rich eBook – Download here -Right click and save as.

“Thoughts and Feelings with Positive Emotions are LOVE”

“Shut Up and Listening. Listening in the Now. Living in the Now. NO AGENDA”

“Thoughts are things and how we use our thoughts will determine what we become.” - Tuula Rands

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