Orange County WordPress SEO – Give The Search Engines Good Stuff

Orange County WordPress SEO

I have Written several articles about Orange County WordPress SEO but those have been from the perspective of the webmaster. I thought it may be interesting to check at it another way and see exactly what the search engines want to see. Los Angeles WordPress SEO will then be achieved by giving them exactly what they need.

I will divide this into three segments on page factors, off page factors along with other factors.

Other Factors

This has the smallest weighting of those three sections but needs to be considered first:

The search engines need to see:

An older domain name as it is considered more authoritative.
Fast Loading and constant availability.

What you should do to best WordPress SEO:

If you were able to buy an aged domain, including a relevant keyword, using a fresh history this would be perfect but a new domain is not a major disadvantage. For Greatest WordPress SEO it is also a great idea to install a caching plugin to function a static backup of those pages and articles.
Try and generate some traffic from sources other than the search engines.

Off Page Factors

This is the greatest weighted of the 3 segments.

The search engines need to see:

Links from other sites – All hyperlinks count unless they’re “no-follow”.
Links from authoritative websites – In Google terms the higher the page rank the greater, links websites are also considered highly.
Links from relevant websites – these are best but links from unrelated websites still count.
Links with relevant anchor text – where the anchor text fits the key word of the page/post it connects to.
Links from websites with few other external links – a site simply has so much ability to pass on and this can be diluted if there are lots of links.

What You Need to do for best WordPress SEO:

Get as many links as possible.
Try to get links from authority sites in your niche.

On Page Factors

Although this Carries less weight compared to off page factors it is still vitally important. The greater your on page SEO the fewer backlinks you’ll need for a particular ranking.

The search engines want to see:

A well structured site where all the pages are interlinked.
Links to external relevant sites.
Unique, regularly updated content.
Readable content the relevancy of that can be clear.

The search engines do not need to see:

Any effort to control them.
External links to disreputable sites.
Duplicate Content.

What You Need to do for best WordPress SEO:

Make certain that all pages and posts have the key word in the URL and have links to other content on the website. Aim for all pages to be accessible from the home page in just two clicks.
Use a theme created with a Los Angeles SEO Expert in mind.
Be sure all pages and articles contain links (you may set up a plugin to help with this).
Make sure your content is unique and do not duplicate it within the site.
Make sure that your pages and articles are built around a key word and are correctly optimized (another plugin will assist with this).
Regularly check external links – that they still work and the website is nevertheless an appropriate one to connect to.
If you have to modify the URL of a page be sure to setup a permanent redirection.

Clearly there is a lot you Want to get right to achieve Best WordPress SEO so it is a Good Idea to utilize tools to assist where possible.

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