Feel the Fear but Just do it Anyway!

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of FEAR

Feel the Fear but Just do itIn one of my former lessons I said that this chapter 15 of the Book Think And Grow Rich must be the first one to study for evaluating us, and the last one in order to re-evaluate us. I know this seems scary, but we will see-we can do this. My mentor didn’t put me in this road if he didn’t think I could handle it. The reasons could sound obvious because of there is “a before” and “an after” in every “action or journey” we take. This journey is through us and we must be aware of the results achieved.

I have learned how to lead my Fears and realized that I have not control for anything out of my circle of power. When some of the ghosts of fear assault me, immediately I transmute my state to “live in the NOW” and make use of my self-talks and incantations. Without doubt, each of us has his or her concept or experience of success, prosperity, Fear, lack, loss, feelings, etc. However all that is simply a state of mind or how we “allow” them to set up in our subconscious mind, in a positively or negatively pattern.

Ok, How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of FEAR,? How to transmute this set up? Well, we must empower our mind step by step to live without fear, and we must start with a burning DESIRE and FAITH independently of our color of personality, plus No INDECISION, No DOUBT, and No FEAR!  To me, it’s a clear example that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. During the history-life-time we have had many people, many role models, mentors, etc., who lived and live without fear, doing what they loved to do. Many of them were hated, crucified, assassinated, slew, murdered, etc. They lived and married with themselves and with the human being. It is to live with positive simplicity via The Quantum Strategy: Ask, Believe, Deserve.

Finally, allow me to tell you that I have to thank to my grandfather who encouraged to my father and relatives how to deal with the fear of poverty; to my father from whom I learned the meaning of the fear of ill health and fear of death; to my mother who encouraged me and my siblings how to carry on the fear of old age; to my ESL Tutor and Mentors who taught me how to manage the fear of criticism; to my Family and Friends from whom I learned how to overcome the fear of loss of love. My best inheritance and wealth? Their examples and values of Life.

“Ben, you have to give always the first step as any challenge you deal. Feel the fear but just do it anyway! Your fear is your motivator. Do not play it safe. Do not color inside the lines. Just do it! Life brings you rousing. Period.”
- A. J. Hoge.
“My son, what is the worst that can happen to you? We have Angels.
- Julia Rojas de Miranda, My Mother.
“Decisions my friend. What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.”
- Dr. D. G. Amen.

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