How to Make an Everlasting Impression?

How to Make an Everlasting Impression Dale CarnegieA few days ago, I went to the post office to pick up a package. Returning to my home, already in the bus I saw a lady who was pregnant. I noticed her worried and we exchanged glances. I smiled her and she smiled me back. Then, I asked her how many months of pregnancy had, she told me six months and it is going to be her third. Soon in her family there will be one boy and two girls. This next baby will be her second girl. She made a big smile.

I asked her name and we introduced us each other. We got involved in a conversation, and amid the talk she said she was very concerned of her medical appointment where she was going. I told her, “My friend everything is going to be great and successful.” Again, she gave me a big smile.

She got to her bus stop. We said to one another, “Have a good day,” with a sincere smile. A new true friendship? Yes, for sure, it was. A sort of Organic Relationship.

This entire story came back to me when My Mentor Ken Klemm, during The Mentoring For Free Call’s Advertising Conference Call, talked about the topic “How To Win Friends & Influence People In THE DIGITAL AGE.” This subject and Dale Carnegie’s books are my favorite ones in reason that nowadays I am involved in The Network Marketing Industry in professional way. All the participants, guests, and hosts gave their comments, feedback, points of views, aha moments, etc.

In the end of the conference, Mr. Klemm recommended us to review his note and apply it in our personal relationships, whatsoever they are. 

P.S. Coming up soon the Conference Call recorded audio.

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